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By Serena Lin - 11:22 PM

Hi again! Another food post today!
I usually go to Umi Kaiten-Zushi when I want a quick fix of good and reasonably priced Japanese food. Umi is one of the places where the price doesn't change, but the food quality is consistently good and fresh! I usually don't take photos when I go to Umi, but then I decided to get a couple of pics these couple times round!

Scallop Sashimi!!!  I don't like to order raw scallops at some restaurants, as I'm unsure about the quality of the seafood - paranoid that I'd get food poisoning. But Umi has really deliciously, succulent scallops! What makes it better is the fish roe! Every roe is like a pop of the ocean in your mouth!

Generally, I choose sushi like this - inside out pieces, generally with raw fish inside! Umi has both brown/purple rice as well as the normal white rice one, so you can go for either! Eating clean - to some extent...

And when you feel for something less healthy (i.e. deep fried food), you can opt for soft shell crab sushi! I found this one quite spicy, mainly due to the chilli powder coated on the outside...Also, sushi usually comes in two pieces, but this one comes with three!

Now time for some more special items!

Pork Gyoza (approx $7 for 5 pcs from memory)! These gyozas are delicious! Filled with a generous serving of pork mince with cabbage and a little garlic, they are pan-fried to perfection! Careful of the iron plate - it's hot! (you probably know that I learnt the hard way) However, dipping sauce is necessary, as it can get a tad plain after a couple bites.

And if the soft shell crab sushi wasn't enough fried food for you, here's a full-size tempura soft-shell crab (forgot if it was $8 or $16...sorry about the vast range)...It tastes a lot like fish and chips...I don't know why though...maybe the salt and pepper combined with the batter...Okay, but probably won't order another time unless I really want to eat a whole soft shell crab...

Now guess what this is! Looks really fancy right?!?!!

It's actually Chawanmushi (approx $6 from memory)! Having only heard of chawanmushi from Yakitate Japan! (a bread making anime...sounds lame, but it's so good! Learnt so much from it!) Practically it's steamed egg with pieces of prawn, crab fillet, shitake mushroom and carrots(?)...My mum found it a bit plain and overpriced because she can easily make it at home for less than 1/10 of the price....but some things just have to be tried and tested! I've been able to successfully remake this at home by steaming whisked egg, water, a dash of soy sauce and fillings of your choice (I may do a recipe later on)

I don't generally eat my meal and dessert at the one restaurant - as me and my friends like to go for numerous rounds of food at various places. But we were planning to go home straight after dinner, so we opted for dessert at Umi. Pictured above is the Choc Chip Wasabi Ice Cream with Palm Seeds ($7.80).
This wasabi ice cream is different to others where the smell is really dominant and you can smell it a mile away. The wasabi scent can't even be smelt right under your nose - great for pranks!!! However, the wasabi taste is strong! It has a strong impact and it lingers for ages...great if you like the wasabi impact!! I had no idea of what palm seeds are, so I googled it and figured out that it was the opaque jelly things (under the strawberry and around the glass). Finding wasabi may be a bit troublesome in normal Sydney shops, so I think there's a large chance of me returning for it! may be a seasonal thing - like their mango sushi and desserts....I hope it's not!!

Well this wraps up the end of my trips to Umi! I've visited the Darling Harbour store as well - but that one is a lot more filled with office workers - but it's got a better view. Umi Kaiten-Zushi is the shop with the gigantic fish tank near Capitol Theatre...which reminds me that the tank seriously needs some cleaning.... ^_^

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