• Crest 3D Whitestrips - Professional Effects

    'ello my friends! I promised I wouldn't do a travel post after the last one for a while, so I'm gonna blog about something I bought (more like P bought for me) whilst on our holiday! I am filming a haul/shopping video - with what's left of it at least - and hopefully I can get my hands on my sister's Macbook to edit sometime soon! ^^ So excited!!
    I've been always wanting to get the Crest Whitening Strips, which is rarely found (occasionally can find online) here in Australia. Even if you can find it, it'll be at least double the actual price. I originally intended to get a friend going to the US to buy it for me...but Mannings in Hong Kong happened to sell it - as we found out online. So the baby pictured above is priced at 238HKD at Mannings - which is kind of like the Hong Kong version of Priceline.  But P managed to get a discount on it and got it for 200HKD! Bargain~~~ That equates to under $30AUD! Last time I checked online, it was $80AUD + shipping costs.... =.="
    Simple instructions in both English and Spanish?? Crest normally has a 60 Day Guarantee 0 where they guarantee you whiter teeth in 60 days (if used everyday...) However, not valid in products bought in HK. Also, considering how each box has 20 sets, 60 days would use up 3 sets at least, setting you back 600+HKD approximately equal to a 100 AUD...might as well go to the dentist....
    The twenty sets come individually packaged - ensure everything is hygienic.... This is actually a really small stack, so I have no idea why it needed such a big box...waste of luggage space and cardboard..
    Although it tells me to use once a day..I'm really lazy and use it like once a week....
    Also: when I used it the first time, everything was OK. But on second use, I got rather extreme teeth pain...sudden bursts of pain in my teeth for the whole day after using it. Got me a bit scared so still yet to use it for a third time...so scary T^T
    The strips apparently use some sort of uber cool technology to ensure that they stay super glued onto your teeth during the 30 minutes. So just stick 'em on and continue on life. But do keep an eye on the clock. 30 minutes sharp - strongly advised AGAINST keeping it on longer that 30 minutes. May kill your teeth - don't want that happening do we??!!

    Having only used it twice...over the span of like a month I can't really have a say about the effect of the strips. So don't expect a WOW effect where after one strip your teeth are glistening white. Another thing that happened to me... when using it the second time, instead of seeing a slight change in colour consistently on my teeth, I ended up some slightly whiter patches (especially on the top front teeth) But they did clear up after a day of eating and drinking, so probably not a big issue. It's also not really noticeable, unless someone is seriously staring at your teeth (which is weird, if the person isn't your dentist) So I'll keep you guys posted on how the 20 17 sets left will go!
    Wrapping up for today!
    Serena (Yii) ^^
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