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By Serena Lin - 10:23 AM

Part 2 of my foodie day last week~ The main reason why we skipped out truffle fries from Charlie & Co. was we wanted to get cheese fries at LORD OF THE FRIES!!!! Peo and I walked past Lord of the Fries once and saw people walking out with delicious looking cheese fries. So we decided to visit as part of our afternoon tea!

Ordering at Lord of the Fries is pretty custom made - choose your preferred size (kid/regular/large, priced at $3.45/$4.95/$6.95 respectively); preferred cut (Classic or Chunky; same price). You can also choose the type of sauce you'd like. The sauces are priced at $1.25 for the Classic range and $2.50 for a deluxe sauce. You can also change to sweet potato fries for an extra dollar. If you don't want to pay for 'special sauce' you can get what they call the Australian Sauce for free - which is Tomato sauce and Vinegar. 

We weren't particularly hungry so we opted for the regular size. Thinking that sweet potato would taste funny with cheese and gravy, we opted for normal potato fries in a classic cut. We were disappointed to see that they didn't just have an easy choice of 'cheese fries' so we went for what we thought was the closest - The French Canadian sauce - priced at $2.50. So what you see up there costed us $7.45. It filled us up really well, so I say it's not bad! Not bad at all!

Taste-wise, I would've preferred it better without the gravy, just cheese by itself...however this was pretty good! Freshly out of the fryer and covered in gravy and melting cheese...just look at the cheesy goodness...just look at that.

Overall, it was a good experience...may not return for fries, but I have plans to come and try their hotdogs and burger...It kind of gives of a New York hot dog stand kind of atmosphere to me (a noob who's never been to NY, and my perception of NY is all based of movies).. But I do want to mention on downside of this place...there are no seats. So unless you like eating whilst walking...not really that great... We ended up buying drinks from Sharetea a couple shops down and snuck in the fries...^^

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