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By Serena Lin - 3:03 PM

Hi guise! Sorry I've been a tad inactive as I've been doing some last minute shopping and packing (since I'm leaving soon...)

On my day of formal shopping, I went to Birkenhead Point to find a nice (and hopefully cheap) dress. After all the shopping was done, Mum and I went to Cafe Birkenhead - part of the additions in the new renovations.

I don't have a picture of it, but this place has a genuinely amazing view! Since I can't wow you guys with the view, I'm gonna go to the food!

Starving after walking around so much, I ordered a massive Wagyu Burger ($19.95) - which came with a side of hot chips! I had no idea this burger would be this wasn't possible to take a bite in it. Cutting through this burger was a really tough task - fail knives....I was really looking for to the wagyu - but it was disappointingly it became tough - hard to both chew and cut. But the chips were amazingly done! Crisp on the outside and fluffy/hollow on the inside~ so good...craving for some whilst I'm writing this post up! The tomato sauce was pretty good too, but I don't eat chips with sauce. Since the burger was so big, I struggled really hard to finish the burger...but still failed miserably.

Mum said she wanted something lighter so she opted for a Salmon Panini on Turkish bread ($15.95), which came with a side of salad. She found it pretty good, but some bits were on the salty side due to the smoked salmon. I really liked the capsicum in it too! Mum also found it hard devour it all!

To finish off the meal, Mum got a Cappuccino ($3.50). This was the most disappointing part of the meal. Although it was piping hot, the coffee was very weak and water-like...Good coffee is hard to find these days...

For under $40, this was a good and extremely filling meal! Probably will eat here next time I time I visit Birkenhead! BTW, I really like the new renovations - you guys should visit it for yourselves~ As it's newly opened, I think we should give them some time to let the staff and kitchen to get used to running the restaurant and other procedures.

Check out their website here!

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