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By Serena Lin - 8:53 PM

This post is exactly a week overdue..sorry! To celebrate emilyy's 18th, we became tourists for a day in Sydney! Ever wondered what it's like to be a tourist in your own city?! ^_^

After a few hours walking around Sydney (and unknowingly getting sunburnt...-.-") we decided to go eating at the Darling Quarter (mainly because emilyy wanted to chill and have a 2-3 hr lunch)
Having browsed through the strip of restaurants at Darling Quarter we settled on Stacks Taverna. As we wanted something light, we opted out of their burger special (which was like a 200g steak put inside a burger with sides...) And here's what we ordered:

We started the meal off with a jug of Grapefruit juice ($15). I don't know what expectations I had for it, it tasted exactly like grapefruit juice would. This jug easily gave us 6 glasses of juice - so pretty worth it in my opinion.

Wanting some healthy food, but not bland, we ordered a Caesar Salad  ($14) with extra salmon (+$5). $19 for a salad is pretty extreme in my opinion. But then again, the serving size was pretty big - sufficient for 2-3 people! We were really looking forward to breaking opening the poached egg, but it was sadly overcooked - no runny yolk...CRIES! The croutons were delicious though....

We then decided to go for the Taverna pizza ($18). I totally didn't expect this much meat on the pizza - this is practically a meatlovers' pizza. I was also surprised by the chilli element of the pizza. Totally didn't expect it...also, there was quite a bit of oil in the pizza - a whole puddle left on the plate afterwards. Totally countering the healthy foods.

We also ordered Vegetarian Nachos ($12) as a part of their tapas menu. This wasn't amazing..but it wasn't exactly bad. The corn chips were slightly under baked - so slightly soggy....Didn't really like the cheese either.

Overall, the meal was pretty average. The view was really good, but the food was only average. Service average - we were ignored (for around 5-10 minutes) when we tried to order, but they were rather attentive for the rest of the meal.
Still haven't decided whether I would give this place a 2nd chance or not.

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