#133: Young Pastry Shop - Campsie

By Serena Lin - 4:53 PM

Hi guise! I was going to post once a week in the midst of the crazy HSC preparation. However, it looks like it's been over a week since my last post....so I'm going to compensate for that, and post in advance as well in this one go.
There is this one pastry shop in Campsie that I love and go to almost every time I go to Campsie. Reason? They sell sweet potato cake. I know, it may not sound like much, but I've only ever seen it here. Also, I'm been buying cakes from here since I was a little girl and there are so many memories!

Sweet potato (goguma)cake
Isn't it the cutest? It's a basic sponge cake that's been layered with sweet potato mash and topped with a layer of cream and some sort of Parmesan look-alike...but I don't think it's cheese. It doesn't have a taste...so I am yet to tell what it really is... The mouse head is just a fun extra - cream, chocolate and almond.
They only make this in slices, hence, I haven't been able to buy a whole cakes worth *cries*...
What's so great about this cake is that despite being so creamy, it is not filling/bloating...I can't get the right word, but it's the feeling when you eat a couple of bites and you feel full and that you've had enough....I hope I got the message across.
Baked Cheesecake 
This has been a regular cake that we buy. My family is not very big of cheese, but this cheesecake is one that we can all take really easily so it's great! Despite being baked, it has an extremely creamy texture. The biscuit bottom also adds a different texture to the cake. I personally don't really like the biscuit and then to pull the cake off the biscuit, but the rest of my family love it.  They do sell this in a 
Note: The specks of yellow are the ones on top of the sweet potato cake, but were transferred on during transportation...i.e. the car trip home. 
Sacher cake
I didn't know what sacher is, but I assume it's meant to be/alike the Sachertorte cake. According to the Original Sacher-Torte , it should be a chocolate cake, thinly coated with apricot jam and chocolate icing. Young's take on the original has changed some aspects of the cake:
  1. It's not a chocolate cake. From memory this was a malt-tasting one. 
  2. The layer in between seemed not like apricot jam but kind of alcohol-ish...Had the tiramisu taste and texture at that point. 
What I did love from this cake, was the chocolate ganache that surround the piece, not just the top. However, I wasn't so much of a fan of whipped cream. I think it would've been a better complement if it the cake was chocolate...or maybe it's just me...who knows?
Almond Cake
This is a typical swirl cake; rolled up with a layer of cream, then rolled in almond 'slices'- however, the almond flavour isn't strong. However, mum really liked it, so I assume it's a "mature" taste that I won't get used to till alter. But on another note, I never really liked almond flavoured stuff...

Overall, I really like the cakes at Young's. They also have really good profiteroles! And they have a variety of breads as well, but as it's Korean , most of it sweet. However, one down side is that there is no dine-in area. Therefore, it's the type of bakery where you have to buy and eat at home la...
Price is really reasonable, averaging around $3 a cake. Profiteroles were 70c from memory....70c!!!

I'm so tired form this all this posting..I don't really want to blog any further....I finally understand the pain of full-time bloggers...

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