#128: Taste Of Shanghai - Hurstville

By Serena Lin - 9:23 PM

Hi guise! This blog post is quite a bit overdue...I've just been very busy lazy due to the post-trial relaxation and end of high school feels. I had a 128 question post ready for this, but since I did questions for #127, I'll put that off till later...

I was kind of looking forward to go to the Taste of Shaghai Hurstville branch since it opened, as the one in Ashfield was really good (till something happened between the owners....insider news ^_^). However, the first bit of feedback I got from it was "it's really salty!". That comment along with the long lines that were there constantly really put me trying it out. However, on this night, I came out of Du at practically 8:40pm so there was no line, but the restaurant was full and we were just lucky.

The three of us sat around what's supposed to be a 2 people table, but as I was tired and hungry, I couldn't care less about where I sat.

Since they had run of the Spicy Crab Xiao Long Bao (XLB) I liked, we decided to skip on the XLB and ordered the 天同生煎包 Pan Fry Pork Buns with Sesame ($9.80 for 8pcs). It came with the signature "Caution Hot" flag, as was fried till perfection! The based was really crunchy with a nice golden brown (not pitch black, like some places which do it wrong). This bun is practically overfilling with juice, so do act with caution when biting in! I suggest breaking it up! However, there is quite a bit of wait for these and the XLBs...around 20 minutes or so, so order some other appetizers and munch as you wait!

We also ordered the 糖醋小排 Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs ($9.80). Having tried this at the Ashfield store, I was pretty much set on this. However...I was disappointed. It came out cold and hard. But before all you foodies start yelling at me, I do know that it is traditionally eaten all cold and hard, but the Ashfield branch had altered it (for the better), making it a lot more likeable! Not gonna order that anytime soon, unless I feel like my teeth need some intense strengthening. 

The second highlight of my night: 南京盐水鸭 Nanjing Style Salty Duck ($10.80) Although not as pretty as it looked on the menu, the flavour was spot on! I loved the duck breast and could stop going back for more! I could eat 5 plate of this by myself. However, I do think it can be bettered with maybe a dipping sauce (?)...maybe it's just my nearly dead taste buds that need strong flavours to wake it up!

I needed some carbs in me so I ordered this: 上海粗炒 Shredded Pork with Vegetable Stir Fried Noodles (10.80) Tasted pretty authentic to me! The oily-ness really sends me back to those street stalls in China! Not sure if this will be everyone's "cup of tea" as it really is quite oily..you get really shiny lips after a mouthful, but it's too good to stop eating!

And that was my 'late' dinner! Totalling up to $41.20, it is a relatively cheap eat. You can get it even cheaper by becoming their member! They have two prices on their menu, member and non-member. I'm not sure how (or if I want to) become a member just yet, but when I find out, I'll forward the message on. OR you can tell me how to be a member (save me the trouble!)! Overall, I think driving over to Ashfield will give you a better dining experience. I really want to try the fine-dining version in Chatswood (anyone want to shout me?!)

Also, apologies for that my photos are nowhere as good as the foodporn shots on urbanspoon and instagram!

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