#126: Seoul-Ria Chinatown

By Serena Lin - 10:05 PM

Hi guise! I've been pretty dormant in the past week or so, so I'm going to double post today I think....Just a heads up, I had gone there with my mind set on stuffing myself and not photo taking (unfortunately..) so I only have a couple of photos...SORRY ^^

It was a Wednesday..around 1:30pm-ish (had to wait for P to finish her 3 hour Chem exam). It was pretty empty there when we got there (only one other table), but we were welcomed warmly regardless. I remembered I came here as a group of 10 last time and it was packed with Korean tourists.

We were seriously craving for meat (since we're carnivores...) and headed straight to the grilled meat page of the menu. There is a minimum order of 2 servings of meat, so warning to all the lone diners out there! Eat a lot or stick to your jjajangmyeon and kimbap (jks....order whatever you like)

So we opted for a SamGyeopSal BBQ ($15) and a Marinated Bulgogi BBQ ($15) to grill it is actually quite a bit. We struggled to finish it all (but we still managed!~) However, the otherwise perfect pork was sliced a bit too thinly in some parts...so when cooking it, the thin parts would slightly overcook, and it would become hard. Other than that, I loved it 110%! Also, the two yellow rings around the side are the BOMB! One side is just egg and the other is a mixture of cheese and assorted vegies (e.g. corn, peas carrots etc.). They are so creamy and delicious! Also, it really helps cleanse your palate from all that meat. There was a 3rd side of capsicums, garlic and mushrooms...but as we grilled the meat, the oil started increasing really quickly and by the time we got halfway of the meal, the vegetables were already floating in oil. Hence, we avoided it.

As we thought ordering pure meat would've have been a tad weird (i have no idea why...) so we also ordered a Jjajangmyeon ($12). As we were too occupied with grilling and eating the meat fresh of the grill, we forgot about the noodles, and they sadly became bloated....but taste-wise was still really good ( I would say authentic...but Korean cuisine experience is still limited to within Australia...so I can't say much!)!

Also a plus, Seoul-Ria serves limit-less banchan!

This meal costed us $42 all together, which is pretty good for something in the city, regardless of cuisine.
It's a thumbs up from me! (v ^_^ v)

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