#112: Maddies Cafe

By Serena Lin - 11:56 PM

Hi guise! Went out to eat again! This time at Maddies Cafe in Hurstville Westfield. The following pictures were collected on 2 (i think) trips...even I can't eat that much la!
This is their beef burger with chips...quite obvious ey? On the menu it's called the Sizzler Burger ($10.90). This is actually a really big serving...but you can't really tell from the picture... I was full the brim, even though I didn't eat breakfast...and I couldn't finish it all! To me, this portion is really worth the money~
Wedges!!! Also $10.90.. It's also gigantic in serving size...I think there's a trend here for large servings... I know, I know that eating wedges at a restaurant isn't worth it as it only costs like 4 bucks to buy a kilo and a half to make at home...BUT...the deep frying is really a pain in the ass...(I really hate deep frying things...) So I rather do this. Also, I don't always have sour cream at home, as every time I buy, I use once and it goes off...such a waste...
Chocolate Mud Cake ($7.90) & Mocha ($4.50)! I know it's chocolate on chocolate but yeah....Although the cake sounds a bit expensive..but it's really big...enough for 2-3 people. I was a loner so I sadly couldn't finish it...I first tried it a couple years ago and it was dellicious...but this time I tried it, I was a tad disappointed. The ratio of cake to icing was a little off so it was a bit dry for my liking.. The whipped cream helped a bit..but gave off an oily feel....Therefore, I think more moist cake is needed! The Mocha is delicious~

Close up of the cake...so you know what I mean by the ratio is off and that the size is large~

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That's it from me today! Enjoy~ HEHEHEHE

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