#98: Hana Hana Casual Japanese Dining

By Serena Lin - 3:28 PM

Hi guise!
3U maths tomorrow, but meh...I'm tired, I'm gonna blog~ I had no exams on Friday, but I went to school for the mock trial training day...didn't do much then. Afterwards I had to do grocery shopping....and eat. I read a post on Hana Hana a little while ago, so I wanted to go try it out!

This place is a really small shop (great if you're eating by yourself) in Haymarket next to a Chatime and across the road from the Asian supermarket.

I was instantly attracted to the place when I read about their ordering/serving/paying service thing.
There are three touch screen menus where you order what you want to eat. A ticket/docket comes out and you take your docket to the counter to pay and get your food.
After you get your docket, there's a little buffet section next to the kitchen. You can pick up a range of tempura (ranging from $1 to $4). There's also a fridge of sashimi (around $5), edamame etc snacks. 
I've never had okonomiyaki at a restaurant before, so I picked buta okonomiyaki (pork), and an eggplant tempura. Totally up to $8.90, the size of the meal was HUGE! There was a lot of that fish flake thing...the one usually served with takoyaki.  Tastewise, the okonomiyaki was rather average...but filling. Apparently their ramen and curry rice is really good, so I'll try next time!

This place wasn't so full when I walked in at around 12, but as I started eating, it got more and more packed, so I suggest to get in early.
This place is really big on the self serve thing; to the extent where you have to return your tray yourself after the meal...but I don't mind la...saves space so that they don't need a waiter/waitress walking around.
They have this loyalty systme, where it's practically a stamp per meal/ per dish you buy. Collect 5 stamps and you get a free udon/soba! I'm working my way there la...

So that's it for today! Time to get back to studying!!!

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