#100: Musashi

By Serena Lin - 1:34 PM

Happy 100th post!!
And to celebrate my 100th post, I shall blog about the post-exam celebration feast!

To celebrate after exams, Peo and I went to Musashi - coinciding with the fact that our last exam was Japanese. 
When flipping through the lunch menu, we spotted the Chankonabe! As we learnt that sumos eat chankonabe everyday, we decided to become a sumo-for-day! This chankonabe has a spicy soup which kind of tastes like a kimchi soup. There is a lot of salmon, blue swimmer crab, prawn, inari skin, fish ball, mussels, sausages and more! This chankonabe is really filling and great for seafood lovers! It would've been great if I had some ramen or instant noodles at the bottom~ 
Wanting to stuff ourselves to the max, we also ordered a Musashi Deluxe Bento. It contains salmon, tuna, kingfish sashimi, karaage chicken, deep fried fish, tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken, salmon, tuna, prawn and ikura sushi, along with two cucumber roll, broccoli, tomato, mashed potato, lettuce and tomato. As well as a miso soup! This truly filled us up to the brim!! So delicious! Especially the fried food, so crunchy!! Really want to eat some more.

Overall this place is delicious! But their lunch menu is a lot smaller than their dinner menu, so if you're going with a bunch of friends and want a lot of variety dinner is the better time. As it's located on Pitt St near Central Station, it gets packed very early so get in their early! They open at 11:30 and a queue starts to form at around 12:15-ish.

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  1. do you know how much the bento box is? :)

    1. It's around the high 20s or low 30s. I dont' remember specifically, but I spent around 50 for the two. Sorry I'm not much help!