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By Serena Lin - 4:29 PM

Hi guise!
I haven't gotten the chance to go out with emilyy in a while (more like a long time), so we (MLYS) decided to go out on one of the days we had early leave on! Due to the craze about Chanoma being the Green Tea/Matcha Master, we opted to try it out! I have no idea if we're ahead of the trend or just jumping on the bandwagon!

Chanoma is a Japanese cafe, which sells green tea deserts, drinks, and Jap-dogs (Japanese style hotdogs). As we were quite full and it was very hot, we chose two deserts:
Matcha Anmitsu ($6.50) consists of green tea soft serve, a dollop of red bean, dango and agar jelly at the bottom. It tasted as I expected: green tea; red bean; rice cakes; agar jelly. Done well, but no WOW-factor (this is what happens when you're a HSC language student! HAHA!!)
Matcha Shiratama Parfait ($9.50) was 1/2 a cup of matcha ice cream, Special K cornflakes, red bean, dango, strawberries, canned fruit (pineapple and peach), taro and sweet potato "jelly" (which you can't see..), wafer, ice cream cone, pocky and whipped cream
To me it tasted the same as the anmitsu, only because it was practically the same thing.... Not much to say about it (see above (?)) except the fact that pineapple and matcha DO NOT match AT ALL....The cornflakes gave it a nice crunch, but got soggy rather quickly...
Also, it was rather "hard" to eat....there were so many elements that you had to get through (i.e. the cone, wafer, pocky etc.), so get a friend if not two to help you with this one.

Overall, the food was nice. However, to me, it felt a bit rip (maybe because I'm so poor compared all the other office working people who eat there). They have a soft serve cone there, priced at $2.90, but if I were to choose, I would walk across the road to have Mizuya's $1 soft serve...tastes rather similar, except Chanoma's is in a waffle cone...

I might not come back for green tea(..or will I?), but i will to try out the Jap-dog and maybe the Shaker Fries! Maybe I'll give their Matcha floats a try, but who knows!

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  1. You have a much better blog than this idiot!: http://the-afterimage.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/chanoma-tenkomori.html