#79: 85° Bakery Cafe

By Serena Lin - 7:18 PM

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The 85° Bakery Cafe in Hurstville opened quite a while ago, and I've tried quite a few items from them, but never actually taken any pictures. In my most recent trip, I bought 3 types of cakes, in order to try and figure out a cake to buy for Mummy's birthday. Cakes are as following:
Black Forest Cake: 
Tastes rather average - chocolate cake with cream and glaced cherries in between the layers. Then topped off with more cream and more chocolate shavings. Tastes rather average like any other black forest cake I've seen before. I don't particularly like glaced cherries, so I'm rather meh at this cake...
Taste: 6/10

US Cheese Cake:
This cake was really not my cup of tea....
I normally like cheesecakes - especially baked cheesecakes, but this one was seriously bad. Maybe it's just my taste buds, but I really don't like it. The cheesecake smells really strong of cheese, however it's not creamy at all and tastes really heavy of flour, instead of a nice cheesy and creamy cake.
Totally not worth it! To all the people who have tried the US Cheese Cake before, do you agree? It's either my taste buds have problems, or the Hurstville store has bad cheesecake or it's just bad all round.
NOTE: A really nice baked cheesecake I've tried is a baked cheesecake from a shop in Campsie. I'll blog about it when I try it again. 
Taste: 3/10

Leaving the best till last! This one was my ultimate favourite out of all the three. The Coffee Brulee!
This is two layers of coffee sponge cake with a layer of coffee cream in between. Then topped off with another layer of coffee cream and a nut cluster that consists of almonds and cashews. The sponge cake is really soft and matches very well with the cream. The cake would've been better if the nuts were crushed and mixed into the layer of cream in between the layers of cake, but I guess that too troublesome for the cake maker la. I ended up just eating the nut cluster by itself...great concept, but not exactly the very 'practical'??...I don't exactly know HOW to describe this....But I think you guys get what I mean la....hopefully. ^_^
Taste: 8/10
Aigh...Hopefully we end up getting the coffee brulee cake, but I know mum wants to try out their tiramisu cake - wonder what we'll get la~

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