#80: Manmaruya Noodle Bar

By Serena Lin - 9:03 PM

Hi guys! I'm blogging rather frequently la....I shouldn't be doing this though....especially since HSC Assessment Task 1 is in a week and two... Mum went to watch a concert, so Jellybao, dad and I went out of dinner . We went to the Japanese restaurant that we normally go to, called Manmaruya Noodle Bar. This place is meant to have really really good noodles, but to me, it's rather meh, to me that is...But I guess the rice dishes are pretty good and the price is really reasonable so okay la~ Here's what we ate:

Salmon Sashimi Don ($13.90)
It was the Chef's Special Suggestion on the day, so I'm not exactly sure if it's still available anymore.
For a rice dish, this was certain lacking in the rice department. It had practically 1 scoop of rice. At the end, Dad had so much salmon and caviar left and no rice...rather disappointing la.
Also, the caviar, as expected, was quite salty just to eat on its own.
Taste: 6/10 
Plain Udon ($7.80/8.80)
Pretty average. Didn't like it much. There was no special broth to make it taste extremely nice...the only thing there to flavour it was spring onions...The shitake mushrooms were pretty bad. Noodles themselves taste like the packaged ones you can buy at any Asian supermarket. 
I've never tried any other udon of theirs, maybe they are better....
Taste: 5/10 
Spicy Salmon Sashimi Roll with spicy mayonnaise ($10??)
Tastes pretty good, but really chilli. Maybe it's just that I can't take chilli well. It was a triple hit: salmon sashimi mixed in with spicy mayonnaise; chilli powder on top of each piece of sushi, and the mayo (which you can see) had chilli powder in it as well...as well as wasabi.....took me by surprise and nearly made me cry..i'm such a wuss aren't I?
 Taste: 7/10
Aburi Sushi (10.80??approximately la)
This one is my favourite la. It is a range of salmon, scallop, kingfish and some other one which I've forgotten. However, the combination changes very frequently so don't be surprised if you get something different ah. The sushi is char-grilled with a blowtorch to make it slightly cooked but still melt in your mouth. The soy sauce that has been slightly cooked makes it more delicious~
Taste: 9/10 
Close up pictures of the salmon sushi~ So pretty la. 
The scallop one. As you can see, the slightly burnt rice tastes really good, like FAAN JIU~ I love it, and the scallop literally melts in your mouth! Ahhh....

NOTE TO SELF: I must remember to remember the prices of the food I eat in the future la. Anyway, that's it all for today la~ Have to do homework now!

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