#123: Ella's Patisserie

By Serena Lin - 1:04 PM

2nd post of the day! This post has been overdue since Jellybao's birthday...so yeah..over a month overdue la...
We went to Ella's Patisserie to buy Jellybao's birthday as we had half run out of shops to buy from...so we opted for Ella's. We tried last time for my birthday..but sadly they're closed on Mondays (?).

We chose the Green Tea Red Bean cake as most of the other cakes had to be pre-ordered for at least 2 days.... but I was not disappointed! But this cake was on the edge of my budget at 40-somthing nearing 50 dollars la....

The cake's layers(i.e.the ratio between cake and cream) are pretty equally proportioned. the green tea cake is very soft and spongey. I really loved it but my parents thought it was a bit mushy, However, flavour-wise we all thought it was amazing - not too sweet and not bland. Normally, the red bean used in cakes are too sweet as they are tinned (I think...). From what I think, Ella's doesn't use canned red beans, as they still have texture in them.  

That's all I have to say about Ella's right now....I saw that they have other foods there too, but I didn't have the chance to do so yet. 

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