#119: Outback Steakhouse - North Strathfield

By Serena Lin - 12:30 PM

Hi guise~ I know I haven't blogged in a like a billion years and I probably won't blog in the next 3 weeks so I'm going to make up for it now! Also, I'm procrastinating from writing a Hamlet AND an economics essay, despite trials...HOHOHO!!!

We've gone to the Outback Steakhouse many times since 2008(?) I think...but I realised I've never blogged about it! Also, the dim lighting there isn't very good, so I rarely take pictures...this is the first time I think!

As we settled into our seats, drinks were ordered. Soft drinks are offered at $4.45 with unlimited refills! Water is also on the house (my favourite!)

For starters, we ordered the world famous Bloomin' Onion ($9.95, unchanged through the many years) The deep-fried goodness of onion and the unique, special sauce is soo good! I could eat 3 onions by myself! But sometimes, they kind of undercook it and the onion becomes very spicy - made me cry once... the waitress was so scared, as I was so emotional over a damn onion. But generally, they make it very nicely! But a slight heads-up, the flavour is very strong, and can overpower some people's taste buds...also, onion is not that accepted by some.
Cheese chips ($13.95) also seems very popular as I see mountains of fries covered in cheese, bacon and ranch being delivered to the various tables. But I don't think I can stomach that as a starter and a steak afterwards, so we skipped on that..maybe next time!

For mains:
Dad really like their lamb the first time he had it, so he's religiously ordered it every time we go to the steakhouse. The Full Lamb Rack ($35.95) is a full 450g and usually has 7-8 'sticks' of lamb. Along with the rack, you can choose from a range of sides (Dad chose the jacket potato; the best! He stole my choice....*cries*) The jacket potato is so creamy, loaded with sour cream, bacon and shallots! But be careful, you will be stuffed to the max.

I opted for the Outback Special Sirloin steak($25.95 for 250g or $29.95 for 340g) with a side of sweet potato! I ordered a medium-rare, but it was unfortunately a tad overcooked for my liking...making it a bit tough...Sweet potato was also a bit of a dud...not sweet enough...but the texture is really good~
I think this the Victoria's Filet (225g for $30.95 or 285g for $35.95)....with a side of hot chips! This medium rare steak was done to perfection! So tender and juicy! Doesn't even need a sauce to accompany it~ The beer-batter chips are delicious...but I wish it to be crinkle cut chips! My love for crinkle cut chips will never die!!!!
Mum's never been a red meat kind of person, so she went for the Lobster Tails ($35.95). The grilled lobster tail is so tender and delicious~ and the veggies, other the zucchini is really good! But disclaimer...the yellow sauce you see is not lemon sauce...it is MELTED BUTTER!!!!!! I learnt the hard way...just thinking about it gives me the shivers...

Now onto desserts! As stuffed as I was with the mains, I can never skip out on dessert!
The Chocolate Thunder ($11.95) is the bomb! Warm chocolate brownie, a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and a large dollop of whipped cream, chocolate shavings and a pool of warm chocolate sauce! Disclaimer: This is made to be shared! No matter how fat it will make me, I will continue to eat!!

Overall, this meal was very very satisfying at a very reasonable price! However, getting a table may be a little troublesome....You can only book if you have a table for 8 or more...If you have less than 8, they have a priority seating list...so I think it's better just to turn up a tad early!

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