#103: Ippudo(一風堂) & YoghurtWorld

By Serena Lin - 4:25 PM

Hi guise!
Haven't been updating in so long, despite the holidays...sorry...so I'll put in an update now!

I put the photos in a grid yesterday to Instagram....AND I can't be bothered uploading the individual photos so yeah...live with it!
We went out to celebrate my upcoming bday la! I heard, read and saw so many brilliant reviews of Ippudo on blogs and Instagrams, so I decided to drag them there!

We tried their "legendary" Pork Bun (top picture)! It was pretty good, I have to admit. So simple, yet so strong with flavour! But for $4, the petty housewife-like me screams "HAO GUI A!!" After trying the roast pork & the slightly spicy Hoi-sin Sauce, I have confidence that I can reproduce it! But my fail bread making skills more than likely fail me la.....

The Shiromaru Ramen & Akamaru Chashu Ramen were rather normal to me....no wow factor (HAHAHA...B range answer!) The Shiromaru Ramen ($15) was rather plain in flavour, or maybe because I ate the stronger flavoured one first. The ramen only had 2 slices of meat in it...so it felt rather rip...
The Akamaru Ramen ($16 + $4 for the Chashu) tasted better imo....The broth was stronger, there was more meat! If going for ramen, I will always order the extra Chashu! The Chashu meat is 'similar' to the one in the pork bun! Very melt-in-your-mouth! Very delicious, but unhealthy....all that fat... The broth in this one is a lot stronger....i think it's from the red blob and the soy sauce. WARNING! Don't try and drink the soup by itself if you have a low salty flavour tolerance.....emilyy and I learnt the hard way.. *gulps down a litre of water* I'm not sure whether it was the ramen or the yoghurt afterwards, but it got me very very very thirsty when I got home.... *drinks some more*
The noodles are the same in both - the thin, type! I like it, as it's not messy to eat~

We noticed YoghurtWorld when searching for Ippudo in the crowded Level 5 of Pitt St Mall....
We went in and figured that they had a world full of flavours! emilyy and I spotted Nutella and it sounded like the best thing ever, but it was a BIG disappointment....However, the Soy&Honey flavour was DA BOMB!!! So good! It probably comes a close second to original flavour! Coconut, biscotti, and salted caramel was also pretty good! Their toppings were rather special - honey macadamias, multiple flavours of mochi, the usual fruit and sauces, and a variety of those flavoured boba pearls.
From the photos, you guys can see we fail at self-serving yoghurt...except of Peony's fluke of green tea yoghurt which looks so great!
YoghurtWorld is relatively more expensive than the other yoghurt places - $3.20 for 100g....but I think it's rather worth it!

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