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By Serena Lin - 9:42 PM

Hi guys, couldn't post this up yesterday as my computer was being a bum and wouldn't let me upload to flickr....so this is post is a day late la. This post is about a food trip I had a while ago. As the picture above and title suggests, I went to an Italian restaurant called 360 Ristorante Italian.
Located on a corner of Rocky Point Road and a quieter street, it's not too quiet nor to busy, perfect for dinner or small gatherings. However, it's situated right next to a funeral director..I don't really care, but people like my Mum-sy don't like that....IDK la.
The interior decoration is modern, but the kitchen area has a bit of a traditional Italian-feel (but sadly, you can't see it from the picture. sorry guys.) This is the inside section as we opted to sit inside and avoid eating exhaust gas from passing cars. But from what I saw, the outside looks pretty relaxing: decked out in wood with big umbrellas - but personally it would've been a lot better if the restaurant was beach-side.
For starters, we ordered a herb pizza ($12.00). I wanted to order a garlic one, but people don't like the flavour of garlic and I couldn't finish a whole pizza by myself. This herb pizza is PRETTY good, but it could do with  more cheese around the edges...but this just me, who doesn't like eating bread.
We also ordered a Gamberi Pizza? ($23.00) - I actually can't find this pizza on the menu, so I'm opting for the closest possible option there is on their online menu. But as you see, there's cheese, tomato sauce, prawns, some other cheese that has been sprinkled on top after baking with some salad leaves (I always eat these but I have no idea what they are called, if you know, please tell me! ^^)
Taste was good, but no WOW factor(haha). 
Then we ordered a Fettuccin "360" ($22.00) to share. I wanted to order their Spaghetti Pescatore, which they recommended for seafood lovers, the fact that the sauce had white wine in it put me off (not a fan of white wine. red wine of the other hand....hehe). I think you guys can see I have a tendency towards seafood already. This may just be me and my lack of knowledge about Italian food, but for an Italian restaurant, they had a very limited selection of pasta (8 to be precise). 
This pasta was delicious! They were generous with their prawns and scallops , but there just wasn't enough pasta to complement it. OR, I'm just being picky.... Also, I'm pretty sure this pasta wasn't to share, as the serving was relatively small. But if you were to eat one by yourself, you would be filled!
We had 5 main dishes and they were:
Pollo e Mare ($30.00) - Seared chicken breast finished with braised Tasmanian scallops, tiger prawns
in cream sauce hinted with fresh sage and roasted garlic.
The chicken was dry and rough as I expected, but it wasn't exactly tender! But it was pretty good. 2 slices of chicken breasts as well as some fish/potato case along with all the seafood and wedges and salad was more than enough to stuff a person.
Taste: 6/10

Vittello Funghi ($29.00) - Tender veal back strap marinated with sprigs of rosemary the infused in a creamy veloute of sautéed field mushrooms and a hint of garlic. 
I didn't order this, but for me, it was just plain dry and not nice. I expected fragrant and succulent beef, but what was served was very similar to a dry roast beef with mushroom sauce dumped on top. Once again, the serving was generous, but the taste was meh.
Taste: 4/10
Lamb Rack ($38.00) - 90 day grain fed Greenham Tasmanian lamb char grilled medium then glazed in a jus of soft merlot, sailors’ port and fresh rosemary served on baked rosemary potato.
This dish was pretty good, the sauce complemented the lamb really well and the lamb was cooked to perfection and the rosemary potato was very delicious. However, for half a rack of lamb, it was just a tad overpriced for my standards (maybe it's just me.)
Taste: 7/10
Eye Fillet "360"($36.00) - Premium grade Pure South Angus beef grown in South East Australia. Marinated with fresh garlic, char grilled & infused with field mushrooms, cream, brandy, garlic, parsley & diced tomato.  
I was a tad too full to try a bit of this one, but this one looks pretty good. Also, they seem to know how to cook the beef as the menu stated that it could be cooked no more than medium. However, I don't really like the sauce they used - it looks a bit too strong for the beef. 
Taste: N/A
Catch of the Day (Market Price - $30 approx. on that day) - Pan-fried salmon dressed with tomato, onion and lemon juice and accompanied with a salad and chips/wedges.
This was one of their daily specials so I'm not sure how often they have it. The salmon was fully cooked, so it was a bit overcooked for me - I like the inside pink! The tomato dressing went really well with the salmon was really good, so more would've been better to go with the gigantic piece of fish - not that I'm complaining. 
Taste: 7.5/10

And by the way, the service is really great! So final comment, great service, brilliant atmosphere, okay price range, but the food isn't exactly up to scratch.

As we were all really full that day, we didn't get to order any deserts, so this is the end of the post la.
Will blog soon!

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